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    Our webscale ready face detection and analytics technology can handle your
    unconstrained imagery.

Ultra-fast Web API

Talk to our cohesive face detection and face analytics web API and process terabytes of data in minutes, even from your laptop.

Best-In-Class Algorithms

Our algorithms obtain state of the art results in many standard bench marks in face detection, alignment and recognition.

Production Ready System

Our face detection and analytics system can be deployed as an on-premises solution, and can be run in most platforms: from cellphones to super computers.

You can use our web application to process your images today!

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Our services

On Demand Face Processing as a Service

We provide face detection, alignment and recognition as a service.

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Tuning our System for a Client's Imagery

We can tune our system for effective processing of a client's imagery for example: surveillance, social media, law enforcement, etc.

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Porting to a Client's Operational Setup

We can make our software run in systems from tablets to smartphones to super computers.

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Onboarding Support

Have our engineers work closely with a client to make sure a client is getting the maximum out of our web API.

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Reserved Capacity on Our Cluster

Our clients can reserve capacity on our large GPU cluster.

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On-premises Deployment and Support

Our software can be licensed for installation on-premises .

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We will work closely with you to successfully use our API.